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The crucial question: Rent or buy a booth

Hardly any company can seriously avoid the decision to participate in trade fairs and thus present themselves to customers, the target group or potential contacts.

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This marketing tool is too important, as it provides the opportunity to increase sales, awareness and image. An important aspect of deciding against the exhibition is the cost. You might be interested in booth exhibition design Dubai.

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The expenses for a trade fair stand have the highest impact. However, if a positive decision has been made to take part in the trade fair, you are faced with the question of whether you should rent the trade fair technology or buy the trade fair stand. The decision cannot be made in general, since every company has different requirements. But there are guidelines that you can use as a guide. Know more about booth design for exhibition in Dubai.

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How often does your company exhibit at trade fairs?

When deciding whether to rent the exhibition technology or to buy the exhibition stand, the question of the frequency of participation in the exhibition per year is certainly decisive. So ask yourself the critical question of how often you want to present your products or services at a trade fair in the next 12 months - and beyond. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Trade fair participations amount to once or twice a year.

In this case, you should rent the trade fair technology. The investment is hardly profitable and is rarely worth it. Take into account that the exhibition stand has to be stored and assembled - costs that ultimately purchase the exhibition stand superfluous and unprofitable.

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Participation in the trade fair takes place around once a month.

The trade fair stand is used regularly and without major changes. Ideally, the effort can also be reduced by multiple efforts. The economies of scale increase and the investment in buying a trade fair stand can quickly pay off. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

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Correlation of stand space and stand type

Every company has its exhibition habits. The decisive factor here is the size and type of exhibition space. 

 Your company tends to book large corner exhibition stands at large events but tends to focus on 20 square meters of stand space for a row stand at local and regional events.

In this case, it is advisable to accept the version of renting the exhibition technology. The massive differences between stand space and stand type require high financial expenditure for the material, which is geared towards the large version. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

  • Stand type and stand size are harmonious for your company
  • Then you should consider buying a trade fair stand. 
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Construction of the exhibition stand 

An important aspect is a construction according to which the exhibition stand is to be raised. Essentially, the decisive question is whether the exhibition stand is set up individually or the exhibition stand is to be raised modularly as a system exhibition stand. 

You want your exhibition stand to perfectly to interpret the character of your company?

If it is a purely individual stand, you should accept the prices for renting a trade fair stand. The acquisition costs for such a trade fair stand are high and modifications are hardly possible due to the lack of flexibility - or only with great effort. 

A system exhibition stand is enough for you?

For exhibitors who think a modular system exhibition stand is good, buying the exhibition stand is an option worth considering. System exhibition stands have become established in recent years. They can easily be adapted to the CI, but are not fully customer-specific. If you can live with the compromise of a system exhibition stand, the purchase option is a good idea. 

Regularly changing corporate design 

A trade fair stand is based on the corporate identity of the company. Therefore, the question of the residence time of the respective CI must be asked.

Market trends and tendencies are reflected in the company's frequently changing CI.

In this case, the rental version should be considered to remain flexible with the design.

The corporate design of your company is and will remain very stable.

Then you can confidently consider a purchase at this point.

Do you have any further questions on the subject of “rent or buy an exhibition stand”? Get in touch with a professional exhibition stand company. There you will find fair advice!

The crucial question: Rent or buy a booth

Hardly any company can seriously avoid the decision to participate in trade fairs and thus present themselves to customers, the target group...